Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Downing: I wouldn’t sign for any other club

Stewart Downing recently divulged in the fact that once Liverpool made their interest known, he was determined to make the switch from Aston Villa.

The midfielder who started his career with Middlesbrough has now found himself at Melwood, saying “it’s a place players want to be.”
The 27-year old told LFC Weekly, “…I’ve always looked at Liverpool and thought, ‘that’s a club I’d be proud to represent.’ Liverpool is a real football club…great tradition and fans.

“Players have different reasons for coming and going but all I know is that as soon as they made their interest known to me, I wasn’t going to sign for any other club.”

The midfielder says he does not let the pressures off the pitch get to him, and any negativity only pushes him prove his critics wrong.

“I’m 27 and it doesn’t affect me one bit,” he said. “People are passionate about football and everyone has opinions.

“You just have to accept them and if they’re negative, make sure you prove them wrong.”

The top priority for Downing right now is making sure everyone is happy with his performances on the pitch, including the fans that deserve nothing less than the best.

Liverpool supporters already gave him a warm welcome last Saturday where he had his Anfield debut against Valencia, but he wants to ensure it stays that way.

“For me, the most important thing is that the manager and my team-mates are happy with me…as well as the fans, because they are the ones that pay hard earned money week-in and week-out to watch you play.”

Downing also spoke highly his team-mate Luis Suarez, insisting he is going to prove to be a big influence on the entire club.

“When he gets the ball you never know what he is going to do. Suarez always shows a desire to get forward and attack, to do something different..he plays the kind of football fans want to watch.

“Since he’s come here, he’s really took to it – probably better than most foreign players…he’s settled instantly.

“He’ll be a huge player for the club over the next few years.”

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