Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Running for Justice

The call for justice for the 96 fans who lost their lives at Hillsborough has been going on for 23 years, but a few fans are now raising awareness in a different way.
Dom Williams and his five teammates are hoping to do just that by running 76 miles from Hillsborough to Anfield in only three days.

Although a new runner by some standards, Williams is fully dedicating himself for the cause. This includes some serious training all in the name of justice.

"I started running last July and have not really stopped since," he said. "I do a lot of very hilly miles, this varies between 25 and 55 miles a week depending on how the body is feeling."

Recently, Liverpool Football Club gave their backing to the team's journey and announced that the run could be ended on the pitch at Anfield. Since then, Sheffield Wednesday have now also showed the same gesture, saying the six runners could start their trek right inside Hillsborough as well.

Not only have the two clubs shown their backing, but the support has also been pouring in from the community as well. Words of encouragemnt and donations to the fundraiser have been coming in from football fans worldwide. Williams expressed just how important it has been in the build-up.

He said: "Without the support, we could not go ahead. It just means we, as a team, have a huge responsibility to do ourselves proud and make this run as successful as it can possibly be.

"It really needs to be successful on two counts, firstly we want to raise a huge amount of money so when we present the cheques on the pitch at Anfield on either the 14th April or the 22nd April it is not embarrassing. Secondly that we raise public awareness not just in Liverpool but right around the country."

You can donate and find out more about Dom and his team's progress by going to

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