Friday, 1 June 2012

Brendan Rodgers confirmed as LFC manager

A press conference was held this morning at Anfield to confirm and unveil Brendan Rodgers as the new manager of Liverpool Football Club.

Chairman Tom Werner started the presser giving his gratitude on behalf of the club to Kenny Dalglish, but said that “supporters will embrace Brendan’s style of football” and that he is “enormously intelligent.”

Werner continued to sing his praises by stating Brendan has travelled Europe to study best techniques and has used them to great effect. He was the only one to be given an offer out of the selection process. He was stated as being the first choice and right choice.

Brendan seemed confident in his new title and was grateful for it.

“I feel very blessed for the opportunity,” he said.

Brendan continued to talk about what attracted him to Liverpool.

He made clear: “If I left Swansea City, it would be for a top club.

“That was the attraction: the history of the club. Also the frustrations. We may not be ready for the title now but the process begins today.”

He talked about the current footballers, saying that they are eager to learn and want to improve and that is where he comes in.

When asked about if he will be bringing new players in, especially from Swansea, Brendan said it is something not clear yet.

“There is big quality in the group,” He stated. “I look forward with working with some of the greats. Where players will come from will remain to be seen.”

Brendan will be quick to impress many already with his leadership already shining through, especially when he talked about the player selection process. He said he did not want to work alongside any one person, but rather a recruiting group.

He clearly wants to make his impact at the club with players and supporters alike.

He told the world: “I am very proud and very honoured to be the manager of Liverpool Football Club.

"I promise to dedicate my life to fight for this club and defend the great principles of Liverpool Football Club on and off the field."

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